This is a page for the students of Al Ain English Speaking School.

Here is the video of the 18-minute presentation I gave – but with lots of slides added at the beginning to show the Chinese farmer, his son, the stallion etc…

Prize draw prizes…

First prize: 3 house points; Second prize: 2 house points; Third prize: 1 house point

What to do…

Write out a brief story of…

A ‘bad’ event that turned out not so ‘bad’ OR A ‘good’ event that turned out not so ‘good’.

It can be… A story from your life; A story from a parent’s life; A story about a celebrity; An event in a movie – or even an event in history.


‘Bad’ event:  When my dad was 17, he fancied a girl, so he climbed a tree to spy in her home using binoculars. He fell out of the tree and got knocked over by a car!
What’s good: the girl ran outside, brought him inside the house, fell in love with him, they married – and made me!

– Marty McFly, Year 8

(I borrowed that story from the terrific movie Back To The Future.)

You can enter as many times as you want: but put each story on a separate sheet. Make sure you put your name and class on each piece of paper!

This is a draw, so…
if you hand in 3 sheets of paper with 3 stories on it… 
you TRIPLE your chance of winning!

Deadline: 3pm Thursday in Miss Conte’s office.

Click here to see other videos of fables/jokes that you might find useful. You may also enjoy some of the articles by clicking the Articles tab.

Go to this page to see a video of the Chinese Farmer story with cartoons.

Contact me using the form on this page if you have any questions about this competition, or about any material on this site or that I shared at the assembly. Or ring me on 050 449 4680.

‘Good’ luck with your entry/entries!!