Act like a Weeble

If you’re old enough, you may very well remember one of the best-selling toys of the 1970s…

They were called Weebles: plastic figures, shaped like eggs, and weighted at the fat bottom end so that, if you knocked them over, they would wobble about, but always come back up again quickly. They were promoted with the headline and jingle: “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.”

For fun I commissioned a graphic designer create 2 Chris Payne Weeble images using Photoshop. Internet entrepreneur Neil Asher, who had an early look at the artwork, calls it a Chreeble!

Here’s the first one, showing my finger pulling the Chreeble right over…


…and another where it swings quickly back to the vertical position when I let go…

It’s easy to get discouraged and quit. We’ve all had setbacks. Using some of the exercises I teach on this site, and in my video/phone sessions, creates weight in your lower regions (not literally!) which enables you to ‘roll with the punches’ and get back on your feet again quickly, with a smile on your face!

Just for fun, use your amazing powers of imagination to see yourself as a Weeble whenever you face a situation that could knock you for six. This will plant the idea of always coming up smiling in your subconscious mind. And you’ll do just that!

Have a ‘Plan B’

Still on the egg theme, whatever your goals, avoid putting all your eggs in one basket! In other words, if you currently have “winning the lottery” as your only goal in life (and I have had a number of clients come to me with this), I recommend you play with (rather than ‘work on’) another main goal too.

If you would like to set up a business and you only see one way to bring in customers, make sure you develop a second way, and even a third. If you’re pursuing one potential partner and not making the progress you’d like, consider other options, or change your strategy. After all, you can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results!

Anticipate hurdles

“Be prepared” is the motto of the Scout Movement in the UK. There are challenges to be overcome in every endeavour – but will you be prepared for them? It’s best to consider these now, rather than be completely unprepared if they arise.

Top sales people think of every objection that any potential customer may have, and they come up with an answer to ensure that they keep that prospect still interested. Whatever your goal, what could go wrong or off track, and how could you get back on track if that did happen? Then ask…

“What is my level of acceptance that challenges come may way as I move towards my goal?

Is it okay if that increases?

And more?

“What is my level of acceptance that I rise to any challenge and move effortlessly towards my goal?

Is it okay if that increases?

And more?”

What are your comments on this article?

Where have you acted like a Weeble and quickly rebounded after a challenge? Let me know: I’d love to hear from you. (I’ll also send you an exclusive ebook and mp3 that’s not on this site or available in any other way apart from submitting a message.)

Chreeble images (c) Chris Payne. Please do not use them without express permission.

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