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Kenny and Chris“I’ve now made more than £400,000”

Kenny Goodm-n from Manchester writes…

“Dear Chris, Just a short note to tell you that I’ve now made more than £400,000 (US$600,000) using your Effort-Free Life System. I’ve enclosed a copy of my bank statement to prove it! I’ve banked much more than that, but I’ve also had to pay out a ton of money to lawyers and the like as well. But I’ve netted £400,000 plus.

“Please would you mask out my address, my bank address and the company that paid me the money? Thanks. Other than that, please use this statement as you see fit.

“As I’ve said before, all I’ve ever done is spend 3-7 minutes a day doing the CAP mental process, and there have been many days when I’ve not even done that!

“Despite this, my life has become effortless, opportunities have fallen into my lap, I’m making a ton of money, and I’m working less than ever!

Thanks a million for your System.”



What’s interesting about Kenny is that he really took on board what I taught him: the core principles I teach, and the simple daily mental exercises that I told him to do. Kenny also noticed that, when he didn’t do the exercises, he struggled more in the day, so he got back to doing them daily.

Ro Goodwin is another diligent student…

Ro-Goodwin-photos.jpgTaxi driver becomes film director and wins 2 film awards – effortlessly!

Ro Goodwin from Scotland writes:

“I have done so many different jobs in the past from taxi driver to salesman, and from security guard to charity fund-raiser that I felt destined to be a ‘flitter’ – which wasn’t a happy thought.

“Using the Effort-Free Life System I suddenly remembered I’d always had a dream to be a filmmaker, and I became very excited. I bought 4 books on filmmaking, wrote my first screenplay a month later, booked myself onto a 2-day filmmaking course, and not long after that I had completed my first 10-minute film called The Man Who , using 18 crew, 38 cast and 12 locations – having never done anything remotely like this before! When I told some other filmmakers what we did, and then added that it was my first film, their jaws dropped open!

“All the way through pre-production and filming my self-talk has been: ‘It’s all so effortless.’ I believed it. And it was. In previous endeavours (and without the Effort-Free Life System) I have given up when things looked like they were against me. This time it has been so different because of my relaxed and ‘effortless’ frame of mind. The film was given an award for Outstanding Drama at the Nub Film Festival held in Evanton in December.

“I also ended up appearing as 4 different characters in a feature film called Catalina – including having several lines – despite never having acted before!

“Since then I have written other scripts: taken one to a 103-page screenplay (equivalent to a 1 hour and 43 minute feature film) and have outlines for 5 others. Also I have half a dozen short film screenplay ideas, one of which is ready to be filmed. (Amazingly I didn’t like English in school and failed it 3 years running!)

“Other people who are considering getting the Effort-Free Life System may not want to be a filmmaker – but at least they can see that if a professional ‘job flitter’ like me can very quickly create massive results with this System then anyone can discover what they would really like to have in life – and have it happen almost like magic!”

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Here are more testimonials…

Robert Plumb.jpg“I created £60,000 (US$90,000)”

“A miracle has happened – and BIG TIME. We created a new business stream that earned us over £60,000 in gross margin over the winter and early spring period. This stuff really does work.”

Robert Plumb, King’s Lynn


“My income has quadrupled”

Max Scott, based in Argyll, Scotland, is a distributor for Herbalife, a well-known network marketing supplier of weight loss products. He says: “Since getting the System 3 months ago my income has quadrupled.”


Alain Masse.JPG“Paid well for effortless work”

“I finished a job that was so easy and effortless: I designed sounds for a little game on the web and I was paid very well for it. I did CAP with Madeleine (my daughter, aged 9) and we laughed so hard for more than 5 minutes. We felt like the joy would go on forever. I smile more often since I learned to do the CAP, in fact I laugh more often. I feel lucky… in fact I breathe luck.”

Alain Massé, a musician from Montreal, Canada


Back to work success

Jo Shaw from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne says:

“I rang for a coaching session, then when I put the phone down it immediately rang. I was in such a great mood from the session that I answered in a very positive manner. It was a guy offering me the chance of a job, and inviting me to an assessment the following week!

“I have now completed 3 weeks training and my first full week of full-time work in 25 years!! It’s brilliant!! It is pretty potent stuff Chris is helping me to access!! I reckon this one is a proper miracle! Profound is the word I’m looking for!! You guys are total stars.”

Free advert fills up her diary

Claire McMillan from West Molesey says:

“Recently my diary began to look rather empty. When you are self-employed this is always a worry. I did the CAP around money and bookings. That afternoon the guy I deal with at the local paper rang to say that they’d had some spare space in the paper and had run my ad free of charge, as a thank you for being such a good customer over the years! The diary began to fill again.”

12 new bookings out of the blue!

Carol Lloyd from Cheltenham says:

“8 days before a workshop I was holding I was 10 people short, and I didn’t want to cancel. I did ROBERTA a few times and got 12 extra in the last week!”

“I got my dream job and increased my salary!”

Cathy Baker from Bridlington says:

“3 months after buying the Effort-Free Life System I have finally managed to secure a new job, on more pay, after 2 years of trying.”


Maria McNamara crop.jpg“I’m back at work again!”

Maria McNamara, a teacher based in Buxton, says:

“Before I learned the System I was on long-term sick leave, and now I’m back at work again – and have just been featured on radio as teacher of the week!”


Peni Humphries.JPG“I resigned from my teaching job”

Peni Humphries from Stockport says:

“I have been teaching 6-year-old girls in a prep school for many years. Learning the Effort-Free Life System led me to attend a hypnotherapy course. I qualified, and I have been successfully charging £65 an hour or £250 for one stop-smoking session.

“I resigned from my teaching job 2 days ago, so I’m now a full-time hypnotherapist. I’m a past-life regression therapist too, and, wonderfully, Take A Break magazine – with 1.25 million weekly sales – promoted my past-life regression workshops for free, so people are ringing every day about them. The next workshop is fully booked. It’s amazing!”!…


Katy Hughes colour.jpg10 goals achieved effortlessly

Katy Hughes writes from Sale to say:

“The System has helped me set up my own business! I wrote down 15 major things I wanted in my life. Amazingly 10 of them have already come true, and the other 5 are moving along very nicely! I’ve stopped worrying and searching, but I have started cycling so I’m getting fitter! It has all been so effortless!”


Debbie Margolis.jpg“Income tripled!”

Debbie Margolis, Dance Instructor, Manchester says…

“I used to work at a job that was numbingly boring, because that was all I believed I deserved. I was lost in despair. Within 4 weeks of beginning using the System, I’ve started a new job, on track to earn THREE TIMES what I earned before! I’ve magically created a beautiful new man in my life. I’m happier than ever, and I’m so easy going. I invited my friend Lisa up to my new flat. ‘Where did this place come from?’ she asked. ‘From Chris Payne,’ I replied!”


Wendy Barratt.jpg“Earnings more than doubled!”

Wendy Barratt, Graphic Designer, Brighton says…

“Suddenly I began getting lots of new business out of the blue! My income has more than doubled over the last 6 weeks. It’s almost like magic!”


James Owen Smith.JPG “From rundown flat to £1.6m mansion!” 

James Owen Smith from Manchester says…

“Until a short time ago I lived in a small rundown flat above a closed-down chipshop in a rough area of Burnley. As I write this, I am sitting in a £1.6 million mansion surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful countryside, staggering views – with the whole 20 acres to myself!

“I feel so lucky, and this is just one of many miracles I have created. I’m looking forward to many more! I had been working at this property for more than a year.

“I built up an amazing friendship with the family who own it and, last month, they emigrated, entrusting this exquisite mansion to me! Although this will not last forever, I am enjoying every moment and looking forward to my next adventure.”


Tony Milligan.JPGNo effort at all” 

Tony Milligan is a property trader based in Warrington

“Chris’ approach is a unique concept.

“Other techniques have a confrontational edge, teaching you how to overcome stress, anxiety, fear of failure, etc. With this System issues melt away of their own accord. This opens channels which allow you to receive wonderful miracles.

“I was just about to place an advert for £400 in the Mail On Sunday newspaper. I was looking for individuals who wanted to find properties they could buy up here in the North of England. That would have meant writing the ad, ringing the newspaper, then writing an explanatory leaflet and posting out loads of them to all the people who responded. Then I would have ended up speaking with a number of time wasters before I found 1 or 2 ideal clients.

“Instead a guy rang me completely out of the blue just as I was about to place the ad who is exactly the type of client I was looking for.

“It creates a magnetic attraction, so that which you are seeking seeks you! It requires no effort at all. I simply spend about 3 minutes each day using the System.”


Creating more ‘luck’

Chris writes… The following testimonials may be purely the result of coincidence. But some people that we can draw success to us if we’re in the ‘right’ frame of mind’. Anyway, I include these for completeness.

“Recently, I’d wanted to win something from the Texas state lottery. I was thrilled when a recent ticket paid $407 for a $1 expenditure!” – Ginny Riggert, Texas

“Hey, this really does work!!… I spent this afternoon listening to the second CD interview with Kenny G–dman, where Chris asks him about his lottery wins [Kenny mentions that he won £25 (US$35) and £1,000 (US$1,500) using Effort-Free principles]. I followed his advice and before going out to place my Irish lottery numbers I used CAP on receiving money from this source. I’ve just checked my numbers and, for the first time ever, have won £460!!” – Denise Martin, London

“I keep winning small amounts on the Lottery – almost weekly.” – Cathy Baker, Bridlington

“I have never bought a lottery ticket but last Friday night some numbers came to me and I suggested to my wife that she should get a ticket, she won £25. Not much I know, but still a miracle to me.” – Bruce Kidson, Stafford

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