Challenges you may have

Here are just a small number of challenges you may be facing where this site, or I personally, could help you in a major way…


  • you don’t have a partner but you want one
  • you are not happy in your current relationship
  • you are your partner are arguing a lot
  • you or your partner has had an affair
  • you are dissatisfied with your lovelife


  • you are dissatisfied with your job
  • you have a client or colleague who you aren’t getting along with
  • you want to set up your own business
  • your business is not as successful as you’d like and can see you have the ‘wrong mindset’
  • your business is losing money and you want some marketing advice


  • you feel very down about your life with no sense of purpose or direction
  • you lack confidence, and want to feel better about yourself
  • you feel good about yourself, but you want more, and you’re disillusioned by much of the information and advice you’ve come across so far
  • you have tried to meditate, your mind is too noisy, and you feel you’re getting little real benefit


  • you want to get pregnant but can’t, and feel that your mind is in the way: fears, guilt, over-obsessing about getting pregnant, stress, uncertainty about your relationship
  • you have a significant health issue and feel that there is a mental aspect, such as grief over a recent death or seething anger and you want to resolve these issues
  • you have tried to lose weight but haven’t reached your ideal goal, and want to address the mental side


  • a family member is self-harming
  • a family member is under-performing at school, or over-reacting to certain events

Physical environment

  • you’re about to lose your home and you want support


  • you are spending more than you are making and you want to stop this as soon as possible
  • you have lost a significant amount of money, or you may do soon
  • you are earning less or far less than you feel you deserve


  • you are bored with your social life
  • you don’t make time to enjoy yourself


What have I missed from this list? What is your biggest challenge right now? Let me know, by contact me here, and maybe I can help!

Not only that, I’ll email you a link to an ebook and accompanying mp3 recording called Mystery Product 2 – which past clients of mine have paid money for.