Comic Kits ideas for Sion

This is a comic page I created today, Sion, with your free characters…

Screen Shot 2012 01 16 at 22 58 14

The idea of the strip is to show how Robin ignores Lee’s preference, so couples can see if this goes on in their own relationship from time to time.

I am sure I can tidy up the story flow and increase the size of the heads to create more drama.

I have several other dialogues where a couple has a disagreement. It would be nice to have some homely backgrounds.

I would love the following…

  • lightning bolts to drop above a head
  • a big question mark or ‘one small, one big, and one small question mark’
  • sad face with tears
  • a red heart to drop over a head or over the chest
  • a red heart with a tear (rip) in it to indicate a broken heart
  • crazy idea: a cartoon dagger in the chest or sticking out of the back (may be a bit too dramatic!!)
  • fingers either side of a poster so I can put text on it (3 flesh-coloured ovals either side or a rectangle so it looks like 2 hands holding a poster)

Please accept or dismiss any of the above as you see fit!

The following may be too much work or hard to execute across so many characters…

  • hands reaching up and pulling out hair (the way you did the Justin Bieber product with arms you can add for greater flexibility)
  • finger pointing accusatory — but could be used by businesses to point to important messages
  • arms crossed defensively, shoulders back, standing his/her ground

Sion, I hope you don’t mind these ideas – and I hope they may create more drama in your characters to enable me and others to build good stories that impact our audiences. I have a copy of Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud which has some neat ideas which I can look at tomorrow. (I have almost no clue of how to construct a comic or story, so I’m stumbling forward with just some rough ideas right now!)

Thanks for reading: it would be great if you’re willing to enter a dialogue with me so I can create some entertaining and educational cartoons, and you get more buyers.