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LIMITED TIME OFFER I am offering a range of my ebooks and e-reports for a low price for 5 reasons:

  1. to get you to try my material so get you hooked on my style and practical methods to help you move forward in life
  2. to get your feedback by way of testimonials so I have enthusiastic words to encourage others to buy when the prices go up
  3. to get your questions so I can refine my ebooks to make them more powerful and valuable
  4. to find out which ebooks are the most popular so I can develop more substantial ebooks/mp3s/CD sets
  5. to give you enough material that resonates with you so you may decide to have a video session with me so we can work one-on-one – something which I love doing

The prices of these ebooks and e-reports will go up over the coming months, so buy now while the prices are super low! Note: these ebooks are all quick reads so you get BIG results in a SHORT time. What’s more, even at a price as low as $5 each, they all come with a 60-day money-back satisfaction guarantee! So feel free to choose as few or as many as you want! Once you’ve added one or more titles to your Cart, click on the View Cart button at the bottom of this page to purchase your products. Get-To-Feel-Okay-200

Get to Feel Okay About Yourself

When you experience challenges in life you often don’t feel okay about yourself – and other people are often not okay with you either. You will feel a whole lot better once you read the material in this short ebook called Get To Feel Okay.

You can get it for US $5.

“I read your Get To Feel Okay ebook – incredible – exactly how I was feeling.” – Carol

Add to Cart Thank-You-For-Everything-cover

Thank You For Everything

This product has had terrific feedback. There’s so much to it that there’s a full page on it here.

Only $7

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Triumph Using Fables

Learn how to triumph over the challenges in your life with this well-received ebook containing 29 different fables from around the world with my explanation of what they mean, and how you can use their wisdom so see your life in a new way, and take steps to move you forward with elegance and grace. There’s more information about this ebook on this page.

Only $10

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The Toothbrush Principle

Discover how to get massively motivated to do the things you’ve been putting off – and perhaps turn your life around! All it takes is answering a few simple, but not so obvious questions. You’ll quickly understand how to get others motivated too.

Only $5

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Lost Secrets To Success

A little while ago I came across an essay written about 150 years ago which offers some amazing insights into how to handle life’s challenges. I’m pretty certain you haven’t come across it: it’s rarely referred to in personal growth material. You get the full manuscript plus my very detailed comments on it to help you see your life in a whole new way. It’s called Lost Secrets To Success. You also get an mp3 recording of the ebook too.

Only $5

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The Complete Collection

Get all 5 ebooks/mp3s listed above for just $25 (saving $8 – 24% – off the total price of $33!) You get…

  • Get To Feel Okay
  • Thank You For Everything
  • Triumph Using Fables
  • The Toothbrush Principle
  • Lost Secrets To Success

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Finally… Fall-In-Love-Again

Do you have a problem in your relationship? If so, to be blunt, there is really only one reason that this is happening. And that reason can be summarised in one word.

Click here to reveal/hide what that word is.

It’s this… ignorance.

We’re ignorant of what it takes to have a relationship that works. We didn’t get a User’s Guide when we started having relationships. And if we did, we probably wouldn’t have studied it in great depth!

I’ve helped many couples improve their relationships – often dramatically. Which is why…

I have a new ebook and mp3 set in the works called Fall In Love Again. If you are interested in this, contact me about it with your questions and I’ll get back to you. I am willing to show a small number of people my early drafts, free of charge, in exchange for feedback.   View Cart

Any questions about my product? Contact me directly here.