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I came across this great story on the internet which I thought you’d find interesting. See if you can work out the answer to the puzzle at the end!

Subject: What I learned from a sexologist about supporting others

Many years ago (writes Chris Payne) I came across a little story which had a profound impact on the way I work with clients to help them resolve their challenges in life.

Robert Chartham was a well-known sexologist in the UK. It is said that he wrote up to 4,000 replies a year to reader questions in an adult magazine called Forum.

One day a married couple came to see him as they were having trouble conceiving. They had been to see other doctors and had had all the tests, and both of them should have been able to have children: the woman had been deemed fit and able to conceive, and the man’s sperm count was healthy. They told all the experts that they were having sex regularly, and using temperature charts to ensure that they were having sex at the right time during the woman’s cycle.

So coming to see Robert was a last resort.

Robert was in the role that any caring professional is placed in when dealing with a client.

A role which you play yourself many times with your partner, friends, colleagues, and so on when they present an issue to you and ask for your support.

Imagine you were in Robert’s shoes.

What would you do with this couple?

You could listen for an hour or more to their frustration through the tears and offer a shoulder to cry on, and offer some encouraging words such as to keep trying. You might tell them that having children isn’t the most important thing in the world, perhaps to get on and enjoy life – and they would pay your their money and walk away feeling a little better.

Or you could teach them skills like meditation or relaxation exercises which have been shown to increase the chances of conceiving for many couples as stress can have an impact on fertility. You could encourage them to go to the gym regularly to get their bodies in peak condition – and you might even suggest certain routines to follow, and warn them off other ones.

In addition, you might encourage them to eat more fresh, organic food, avoid processed foods laden with additives, drink more water, drink less alcohol or caffeine-laced drinks, and on and on. Again, this couple would pay you your fee and they would walk away with a certain degree of satisfaction because they now have a new set of strategies to follow.

Robert didn’t do either of these.

He asked them one question.

And by asking that one question, everything changed.

From what they told him, Robert had an immediate solution which meant that, after the couple left his office, the woman conceived within 3 months and gave birth to a healthy baby.

And the couple were delighted.

They left his office within 15 minutes – long before their full time allocation was up.

So what was the question Robert asked the couple?!

Go to this page to find out!…