How I do my video sessions

Every call I conduct is automatically recorded so…

1. I can email you an mp3 audio recording of the session (many clients like to have this).

2. I can also email you a special link to the video, should you wish to see it later.

3. I can even mail you a video recording of any session for a nominal cost. The video looks like this with our faces side by side…



(That’s my brother Mike, by the way, and not an actual client.)

4. Some clients also ask for a typed transcription of a session. This is at an extra cost, but very reasonably priced, and enables you to read what was said on the call.

Clients are often amazed at some of the things they read in the transcription that they have no memory of saying, such as limiting beliefs about themselves such as “everyone just wants to take me for a ride”, “I’ll never resolve my problem” or “I always put other people first” which pour out spontaneously during the session. You can dissolve these limiting beliefs during sessions or between sessions using the process scripts I email to you.

What’s more recordings show you how far you have transformed after a few sessions: I often point out to clients how differently they are speaking and thinking after we have worked together for a short while.

Please note: all recordings are kept in strict confidence. If you want yours destroyed, just let me know.

Would you like to book a session with me? If so, please use the contact form here.