InstantFormPro plus bonus for creating tests, quizzes, contact forms and more

If you look at the middle of the NavBar at the top of this page you’ll see a heading called Tests. This link will take you to a page containing several short tests/quizzes which visitors to this site fill in.

I created these tests/quizzes/questionnaires using a very easy-to-use web-based program called InstantFormPro.

Here’s a screenshot of what part of one of my tests looks like, so you can see that InstantFormPro can do…


What’s clever about this software is that, when a visitor clicks on in a box, the box changes colour, and you can have an explanation appear on the right hand side, as I have done here, lower down in the Health Satisfaction Test…


Again I used this feature further down to explain why I need the visitor’s email address…


You’ll also find a Contacts Page for me on this site where you can ask me questions, make a comment etc, which I also created using InstantFormPro.

You can also add in the text which appears when visitors click on the Submit button. Here’s one piece of text I wrote…


This superb software is marketed by a respected internet marketer called Joel Comm, who wrote a bestselling book called Twitter Power.

I make a commission if you decide to buy it, and if you email me to tell me, I’ll give you $100 worth of my products and/or services.

To find out more about it, and watch a video showing how easy it is to set up a test or quiz, click here.