Look at the challenges in your life in a new way

People over the ages, and throughout the world, have learned how to handle life’s challenges through stories and fables.

Here is a short fable called The Chinese Farmer and the Horse, which may help you look at any problems you have with new eyes…



Below is a video of a presentation I gave to secondary students at Al Ain English Speaking School. It starts with the Chinese Farmer and the Horse story, which takes up 3-4 minutes at the beginning, and then I explain what it means…

Did you understand the point of the Chinese Farmer and the Horse story?

If you didn’t, let me make a few points…

The Chinese farmer’s life will carry on with what the other villagers react strongly to as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ events.

However the farmer takes what comes in life without reacting emotionally. He doesn’t judge what happens in life. He doesn’t see events as ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

Instead, he experiences each event as neutral – just an event.

For some it may seem that the farmer has a boring life. But he appreciates life as it is. He takes events in his stride. He is wise, in the present moment, more able to appreciate the beauty of nature and his family around him, and more.

He says a subtle ‘thank you’ for whatever comes his way.

With practice, we can learn to respond to life’s ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ in the same way – and be less reactive.

Take a look at the biggest challenge you are facing right now.

What if, like the Chinese farmer, you could see it as just an event.

What would that be like?

You’d certainly feel a lot calmer, and more grounded. You’d be able to think more clearly, and stay focused on taking the next step to moving you forward in life.

Getting to this advanced state of mind is not easy, but it’s possible. The articles, ebooks, other videos, and my personal coaching will help you get there.

What’s more, maybe you don’t have to master this state of mind completely before you begin to see new results in your life.

This next video, Marginal change in action creates big results, explains further.

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