Make money helping others

I coach people on how to make money with the skills they’ve learned from reading books or attending courses. They can set up either part-time or full-time business.

I really specialise in helping those who have attended some kind of life coaching or therapy course but either haven’t coached anyone yet, they have only given free coaching sessions so far, or only done a few paying sessions and want to crank this up and make good money (n excess of US$150 an hour) in this profession, so that they can earn a full-time living this way, if that’s what they want

I also help people create their own website, promote it, and create their own products and other services, with an aim to earn US$100,000 or more in a year. More here.

Karen-Peterson.jpg “I’m part of Mal Emery’s business mentoring group in Australia. [Chris adds: Mal Emery is the Australian equivalent of Dan Kennedy/Jay Abraham, if you’ve heard of these 2] Mal gave me a loan of your wonderful program The Effort Free Life System as he said it was an excellent example of great marketing, a great product and a successful business model in personal development – which I thoroughly agree. I loved your 3-day Effort-Free seminar, and your presentation at Mal’s conference. You truly are a wonderful teacher. Warm regards from a big fan.” – Karen Peterson

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