Mind Over Money Program

Over the years I’ve been helping people address their challenges, I’ve helped a lot of people address their limiting beliefs about making money.

If you are like many people, you may feel uncomfortable about charging the prices you charge for your products or services.

You may be undercharging as a result, which leaves you out of pocket, and makes you feel stressed.

You deserve to be comfortable about earning your fair share of the money that’s out there.


With my Mind Over Money Coaching Program I can help you do is change your mindset so you…

  • break free of your limiting beliefs about money
  • erase any guilt you feel about bringing in more money – and thinking that you’re stopping someone else from earning money as a consequence
  • erase any guilt you feel about a deal/transaction that went bad in the past
  • erase any fear that you’ll be taken for a ride, if you’ve been ‘bitten’ before
  • eradicate any fear you have about earning money in the future
  • remove any internal barriers where you feel uncomfortable about earning above a particular amount per month or year
  • control yourself so you don’t go on spending binges – such as buying clothes or courses or seminars which you don’t really need – where you feel guilty afterwards (“Why did I do that?”)
  • feel like ‘a million dollars’ now rather than when you actually have that in the bank

…and much more.

You may want to earn enough money to be comfortable, or you may want to earn extra so you can afford to treat yourself to many of life’s abundant luxuries. (Here’s me about to tuck into a white chocolate dessert at the US$3 billion Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi which has wafer-thin 23.8-carat gold leaf draped over the strawberry…)


The program will be personally tailored to your individual needs.

As always, this program comes with my usual Double-Your-Money-Back Guarantee – so you can be certain that your mindset has changed and you are working towards earning far more money than you have been doing so far.

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