My most recent testimonials

Sara-King Sara King from New Zealand writes…

“Before I started seeing Chris I felt as if I was dragging my feet through life.

“Unable to sleep, I was continually exhausted and irritable. I was upset and angry about events from the past.  Plus I was bored and resentful in my career but I felt powerless to change as I had no idea what it was that I’d rather be doing. It was as if something was lacking in my life or in me.

“During my first session with Chris, I came up with two pages of goals I never dreamed I would ever achieve.

“In the next few sessions Chris proceeded to challenge the basis of many of my beliefs and ideologies, and transformed my way of thinking. He was patient and efficient and used simple questioning to gently lead me to release the negative emotions I was clinging to. As my fears evaporated, Chris gave me tools to use every day. This was masterfully achieved by Chris carefully explaining a few important principles and guiding me through certain exercises that helped me to gain a deeper understanding of myself.

“At the end of each session, I felt grounded, inspired and enthused with life. Before I knew it, I had achieved every single one of my goals.

“Chris is an extraordinary man who has had a profound effect on me. He has given me such inspiration and vision that he has changed the direction of my life. He is playing a major role in helping me discover who I am and what my dreams are.

“I now have a clear sense of the direction in which I want to take my life and the confidence, knowledge and practical skills to change careers and establish my own business.

“Chris has taught me to look at the world with a sparkle in my eye. Meeting Chris was the first of many miracles in my life. I cannot speak highly enough of his talents, I believe it would be impossible to spend time with Chris, someone with such an unwavering purpose without being inspired and guided by him. He has utterly transformed my ideas about what I can do in my life.”


“Deborah”, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, mother and teacher:

“I contacted Chris because some changes were taking place in my life that I felt as though I need assistance in understanding them better. I needed some help and advice in how to handle the situation and changes and to also learn how not to allow the same mistakes, that I may have made in the past, happen again. I also wanted to see Chris to help me find a way of understanding why things happen and find a way of learning to accept when things happen and viewing them in a different light. I need to learnt to take responsibility of myself all of the time allowing me to relax and unwind more and not feel so stressed.

“I had my first session tonight. I had just had a really bad day at home and work and I was a bit tearful! Poor Chris, I didn’t mean to get upset on him but it was someone who was listening to me! I felt a lot better though after crying as it allowed me to open up and talk and he helped me look at the things that had gone wrong for me that day in a different light. It was because of how he helped me view this situation I believed that he would be able to help me look at other situations in the same way which felt very positive indeed!

“At the end of the session I felt really ‘light’ and relieved almost. Even though I was worried that I would soon sink back into that feeling of stress and worry, I felt positive and confident that if I saw Chris on a regular basis he could really help me, which felt nice for me. I felt as though I was doing the right thing and was so glad that I had that ‘chance’ meeting with him and we got chatting. It felt like fate!”

“It’s now the next morning and I feel positive, although my moods can be up and down anyway. But I liked the feeling of being positive and wanted to stay focused on that. I know that there will always be ups and downs in my life and that unavoidable, but its learning to cope with them is what I want Chris to help me with and I believe that he will.”


My name is John Kollins and I live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in the United States.

I bought Chris Payne’s Effort-Free Life System from ebay over a year ago. I listened to it once but at the time didn’t really feel like I really understood it, so it went into the closet. Recently I lost everything and I am almost homeless. What happened was I lost my job due to the company I was working for closing down without any warning or advanced notice. I thought about the Effort-Free Life System again during all this and realised I needed help, so I tracked down Chris by searching on google and was led to this site. Thankfully, he kindly offered to help me, and it is a huge relief to find someone who is willing to help in such a stressful time.

I asked Chris several specific questions about my situation and he gave me a simple exercise that I was to follow to the letter which I did. As a result of that exercise I had a major realisation about why things were happening the way they were in my life and how I could change them for the better. For the first time I saw a glimmer of hope and now I know that things will get better and better as time goes on. Without Chris’s help I am 100% sure the worst would have happened and I would have lost everything, including just the simple things most people take for granted like a roof over your head and food on the table. Although I am not totally out of my predicament yet, I am taking the steps necessary to improve my situation and it is working. I know that if I continue on the path Chris has set me on, life will continue to improve for me and just get better and better. He was a real lifesaver.


Thank you for sharing your truth with me. It was beautiful to hear. It’s magnificent to see your true core and the overwhelming love that is made of. It makes time stand still. I love love love love love love love that you are a part of my life. I think everyone gets lucky at some point in their lives, whether it’s being blessed with athletic ability, supermodel looks, lotto. I believe my luck was to end up meeting you, and to get to learn from you about reality. Thank you. I will go to bed now with tears running down my face 🙂


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