Relationships success


gerry_smit“Our relationship works so much better”

Gerry Smit, a dentist, living in Kent says…

“I now walk into work feeling really calm and relaxed, instead of all grumpy and miserable as I used to do.

“When I do CAP on me and my wife getting on better, our relationship works so much better – the System works fantastically well.

“I approach life differently, I approach my relationship differently, and I approach other people differently. As a result, magic happens: little synchronicity come out of nowhere. It’s amazing how it just works.

“To be honest, I’m a self help addict. I own about 50 different programmes, and this CD set is the only one that I have never put away after I’ve listened to it – I’ve kept using it continuously since I ordered it. It’s that good.”


Loving daughter and mother

Diane Gallo from Pacific, California says…

“My daughter is a wonderful girl but I found she got angry quickly and didn’t seem to like me. I ordered the Effort-Free Life System and started using it the day I received it (4-5 days ago). The next day I felt wonderful.

“I can’t believe how often my daughter smiles now, she gives me hugs that she rarely did before, and she says she loves me on her own. I have felt so open to her which I found spilled over to nearly everyone around me. I feel such a connection to people that my fears (shyness, ignorance, etc) are gone.

“My mother and I have rarely felt close. In fact I can’t remember the last time we did feel that way. She just returned from a trip and we talked about all sorts of things including this method. I can’t believe how much love I feel for her. I am so grateful to have this System and to be able to experience this with my mom. She is just showering me with love that I’ve never known before.”


“My shyness has gone… I’m more extrovert”

Gaynor D from Perthshire says…

“I used CAP to melt my resistance to making love with my husband – and it worked a treat!

“CAP has really helped me to open my heart more and more to receiving more love and more joy in my life – instant happiness!

“I have really transformed… more extrovert, comfortable smiling at complete strangers as I walk down the street and, my shyness has gone.”


“I met someone new”

David Bartlett from Surbiton, says…

“I have recently had a tortuous split from my partner who left me without warning, and have found it very hard to find anyone else attractive. On the day I did CAP on my belief that I would never meet anyone I would find more attractive than my ex, I met someone at a party who I found very much more attractive!”

Gill Herbert says…

“I used the CAP to help me accept my past relationship with my ex-husband. He came to the house one evening and for the first time in years we talked, and now he is making an effort to spend time with his son and to contact his daughter. Our relationship is now better than it has been for many years.”

Cathy Baker says…

“After a number of years I finally found the strength to leave a disempowering relationship.”

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