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Well done you for coming to this page which I’ve set up in conjunction with Joe Vitale to help promote his new book, Instant Manifestation: The Real Secret to Attracting What You Want Right Now.

Joe and I met a few years ago, have talked on the phone, and I interviewed him for a subscription-based newsletter and CD which was mailed to thousands of people around the world.

So what do I do – and how might I be able to help you?!

Until recently I ran what was at one time the second largest supplier of personal development products in the UK – and was a multi-million dollar business. My CD set called The Effort-Free Life System has been bought by thousands of people.

I have worked with many people who were in a lot of pain in their relationships, and helped them resolve their issues. I have also run a number of teleconference calls to get my advice out further afield.

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I have created an ebook called Relationship Turnabout to help you see your problems in a new light and give you some simple steps to turn things around.

I’m offering you a copy for free. Why? Because a small percentage of people who read it choose to hire me to work with them over Skype or the phone to help them work through their very specific and personal problems.

Whether you ever call me or not, you’re welcome to this ebook as my gift to you.

Sign up below and you’ll get…

  1. a link to a free copy of Relationship Turnabout
  2. an mp3 recording of this ebook (available tomorrow, Wednesday)
  3. an opportunity to send me your most burning questions about your relationship at no cost to you. In return I’ll create an mp3 of a special “no holds barred” recording addressing the most pressing questions I receive from everyone who visits this page via Joe. (I’ll either answer your question directly, or you’ll get your answer from my responses to other similar questions.) The recording will last from one to 2 hours.
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    Christopher John Payne

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