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On the right is a photo of me with a stack of hundreds of sheets containing success stories and testimonials from clients from all round the world: successes in the area of health, business, money, relationships, and more. Below you’ll find links to just some extracts from letters and emails. There is NO NEED to read them all! :) I have simply put so many on this site so you get to be convinced that I and my material create significant results for people. And if I can help all these people from all walks of life, then it’s highly likely that I can help you experience dramatic shifts too.

My most recent client testimonials

Many of the following testimonials refer to my CD set, The Effort-Free Life System, which teaches my principles and exercises. These exercises include CAP (which takes about 3 minutes to do), ROBERTA (a 4-5-minute exercise consisting of 7 steps: R, O, B, etc where each letter is the first letter of the step (makes it easier to remember the steps)), and the People Process (how to handle challenging people etc).

If you sign up as a client, I will pass you simple instructions for each of these as the need arises.

Career success

Life working better

Relationships success

Plus I have these…

‘Personality’ testimonials (These are testimonials from people you may have heard of or bought products from)

Video success stories

I have a Double-Your-Money-Back Guarantee should you be interested in working with me.