Support pages for your website

Below are links to pages I have created to help you run your new website.

To run your site(s) you need 2 software programs…

  1. an offline pages/posts editor for WordPress sites
  2. an ftp program for uploading movies, mp3s and pdfs

Review of MarsEdit – a Mac app to create and edit pages and posts for your website(s).

How to use MarsEdit (videos)…

  • how to add an image to your post or page
  • how to add further images
  • how to copy text from someone’s website and paste it into your own post/page

Review of Fetch ftp (software for Mac) – read this review to understand what an ftp program is and what you can use it for

How to upload a pdf to your website – a video which shows the Fetch and MarsEdits apps for Mac (there are very similar apps for PC).