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There are 5 tests below. Each takes only a few minutes to complete. Should you decide to include your email address, you’ll get a free ebook and accompanying mp3 recording called Mystery Product 1 which other clients in the past have paid to obtain. I’m sure you’ll really enjoy it and get great value from it.

Relationship Satisfaction Test – how strong is your relationship?

Financial Situation Test – where are you in life money-wise?

Personal Satisfaction Test – discover how satisfied you are with yourself

Health Situation Test – rate your level of health

Test for coaches/consultants/trainers, and aspiring ones – are you profiting the most you can from the skills you have?

Answer these tests now and get to know yourself better! You’ll also find out via email how you compare with other people around the world who have taken the same test(s).

PLUS… you can complete these tests again after using one of my products or after a few coaching sessions: I think you’ll be amazed by how much your results have changed!

Finally… how can I improve these tests? What statements can I add? What other tests could I add? Let me know here.