Thank You For Everything program


Here’s what you get…

A talk by Chris about the power and necessity of Gratitude in your life to improve health and mental fitness, and magnify the effect of The Law Of Attraction.

2 powerful exercises for headphone use and one for car use!

There are 12 tracks in all, lasting 55 minutes. You can play them on your iPod/iPhone etc, or burn them onto a CD.

Here’s what’s on each track:

• Learn how to see everything as a gift and how to create effortless ease, opportunities, ideas and money in your life.


• Hear how Bill Gates has been so successful, and even complete a practical step to help you ‘get it’ at a deep level.

• Learn how being grateful for your past can help you to reach a state of complete gratitude right now!

• Discover how to ‘negative’ things that have happened in your life in a whole new way, giving you a sense of power that will amaze and delight you.

• We have proof! Listen to information on the two studies that suggest that being grateful can make you more determined, alert and enthusiastic.

• How to feel powerful, blessed and present – and from there focus on where you want to go.

Later in the program you’ll find…

Closed eye exercise: The Quick Gratitude Process – it only lasts 3 minutes, so it’s perfect for getting you grounded and centred very quickly!

Chris explains the next 3 tracks. Make sure that you listen to this first, so that you can use the processes in the intended way to ensure that you get the most from them.

1. Thank You For Everything closed-eye process designed to get you into a profound place of gratitude for your life so you emerge after 6 minutes feeling relaxed yet energised and ready to carry on with the rest of your day feeling more alive and enthusiastic. Best used with headphones. Do not use while driving or operating machinery (because the track features ‘binaural beats’, similar to the Holosync signals on the Centerpointe meditation CDs which you may have heard of, or use – and these induce a deeply relaxed and open mental state).

2. A voice-only version of the previous track for those who find the gentle music distracting.

3. A longer version of Thank You For Everything which is designed for you to use in your car and enable you to have a stress-free journey every time by getting you into the present moment and feeling accepting of any bad drivers, delays, and so on. Chris’ voice is a little faster at times. The music is more upbeat. There are no binaural beats. (11 mins)

Chris guides you through the Thank You For Everything track, and you’ll hear female whisper voices sweeping from one ear to the other. Chris’s youngest son Felix, now aged 10, provides the final Thank You!

Allen Kaufman

Allen Kaufman (pictured left) is a highly gifted composer and producer based in California whose extensive experience includes providing music and sound design for Sesame Street Live and The Muppets Show On Tour. Allen composed the music for tracks 10-12, skillfully positioned the voice tracks, and added the deep, resonant ‘binaural beats’ to help you get into an open-hearted state. To find out more about Allen, go to:


So many people have contacted us to say that they play the 6-minute Thank You For Everything track EVERY day because it opens their hearts and makes their day go by more effortlessly.

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