The problem with personal growth books and CDs

by Chris

Many years ago I was listening to a recording of a sales expert talking about how to sell better.

He said it was important to really listen to what a client is saying to you.

He suggested you can listen better using this technique…

When your prospect is talking about the challenges he (or she) was facing, which you believe your product/service will help him with, repeat back to yourself, in your mind, the words that he is saying.

Now this is an interesting tip.

And I’m sure many salespeople thought this was a great idea, used it, and found it helped.


Does this ‘subvocalising’ technique really get to the heart of the issue?

And isn’t it easy to forget to do it in the middle of a meeting?

For me, this technique is flawed. Imagine you were dating: you’re single and want a new partner, so you buy a book or ebook and it gives you a list of very clever chat up lines or quirky questions you can ask when you’re next in front of someone you fancy. (Such as, “If you could be any animal in the world, what would you be, and why?”

Doesn’t that seem artificial?

Back to our sales person – and some of the following will apply to the dating example…

If you find you’re not listening, or you’re missing bits of what the other person is saying, or you’re find it difficult to concentrate, what is really going on with you?

Are you tired? Are you afraid? Does a lot hang on you getting this sale? Do you have a boss breathing down your neck? Are you needy? Does this person intimidate you? In other words, do you feel less than him?

Are you trying to beat the sales revenue you generated last year? Or do you feel bigger/better than him so your mind is ignoring some of the ‘claptrap’ he is saying?

Are you running behind schedule? Are you rushing to get the meeting over with so you’re racing to get to the sales close?

…and there are more questions like this we could ask.

Here’s the thing…

Some people would rather not answer these. There’s too much thinking involved. They haven’t got the patience to answer them. There’s rather too much soul searching too: and that’s a bit too close to the bone. They’d rather stick with a simple technique like subvocalising.

If you, though, really want to get ahead, the questions above are a good start. If you answer them, you can email your answers to me and I’ll comment on them, and point a few things out which may be helpful.

Or you can try one of my ebooks, or book a call which will really help you address your challenge.

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