Triumph Using Fables

Triumph Using Fables 3D cover.jpgLearn how to triumph over the challenges in your life with this well-received ebook containing 29 different fables from around the world with my explanation of what they mean, and how you can use their wisdom so see your life in a new way, and take steps to move you forward with elegance and grace.

Let me tell you about just one of these fables…

You may have heard of – or even read – the book called The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. It has sold more than 60 million copies, making it one of the best-selling books in history. By being translated into more than 67 languages, it entered the Guinness Book Of Records for most translated book by a living author. What most readers do not know is that the core story in this book is based on one of the Arabian Nights, and also an old English fable.

It’s a fabulous story, and in this ebook you’ll read the original fable, and the many powerful lessons to learn from it.

These 29 fables can get right under your skin and can have a profound effect on the way you face the world, enabling you to come into your power and take back control of your life.

I teach many of these fables to my clients as the opportunity arises, and the feedback has always been very positive.

If you’d like experience significant growth in your life, get these ebook and devour it!

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