What the Rubik’s Cube can teach you about personal change

by Chris

I’m sure you know the Rubik’s Cube, invented in 1974 by a Hungarian architect called Erno Rubik.

It’s one of the biggest-selling toys ever: 400 million of them have been bought.

Here’s me with my Cube which is jumbled up…


Imagine you had a really jumbled up cube that you had twisted for many minutes. What is the minimum number of twists to get all the sides back to their original ordered state?

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You can solve the puzzle and get all the sides to be the right colour again within 15 to 19 moves.

Rarely does it take 20 moves.

Three people – John Dethridge, an engineer at Google, Herbert Kociemba, a maths teacher, and Tomas Rokicki, a programmer from California –  have not been able to find one starting position, no matter how ‘messed up’ which takes more than 20 moves. So 20 is the maximum number of twists to get to a ‘solved cube’.

(This research was reported around the world, including this story on the BBC site.)


So what?

Well, what if… no matter what challenges you may have right now – no matter how ‘messed up’ your situation is – you can get to a resolution far faster than you may think.

In other words, if you think your relationship problems will take years to resolve, and with a lot of work, in actual fact you may get to a much more satisfactory place and with far less effort in a matter of a week, a fortnight, a month, or 2 months…

…if you have the right process, system, or support.

Give me a call, or try my ebooks, to help you get where you’d love to be… fast.

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