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Dissolve Your Mental Shackles ebook

The audio file is here

I know how easy it is to download ebooks and then never open them! So I encourage you to pick one of the above files and open it the moment it’s fully on your computer, and read at least the first page. Then, either carry on reading, if you enjoy what’s there, or add an entry in a diary to read the rest.





Chris Payne

P.S. If you have any problems accessing or opening these files, drop me a line via my Zendesk support site.

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PPS: I will send you another ebook for free if you contact me and tell me the surname of the researcher I mentioned on page 5 of Dissolve Your Mental Shackles. Here’s a clue: it’s Bob E—-s. This ebook is called Stop your Shoulding: How To Stop Shoulding On Yourself And Others – To Boost Your Energy And De-Clutter Your Mind. I think you’ll get a lot from it!